Artist Title # Tracks Company Year
Accomplice She´s on fire Producer / percussion Sonic Vibe Rec 2002
Anderson, Jon Song of Seven   Atlantic 1980
Anderson, Jon Animation   Atlantic 1982
Anri Trouble in Paradise      
Arashi Time 2 J-Storm 2007
Ashley, Steve Speedy Return   Gull(GB) 1975
Asia Aqua   Warner 1992
Asia Aura 2 Recognition Records 2001
Asia Armada   Recognition Records 2002
Azra Nothing 2 Blow Up Records 1986
Azra Can you come 1 Blow Up Records 1985
Babko, Jeff Brojekt 2 LET´s MUSIC! 2004
Ballard, Russ Russ Ballard 8 Capitol 1984
Balsamo, Umberto Balla 7 Polydor 1979
Beck, Jeff there and Back   Epic 1980
Beck, Jeff Flash   Epic 1985
Beck, Jeff Beckology   Epic 1991
Beckers, Chris Seven Frames of Mind 6 CrisCrazz 2009
Benoit, David Shaken Not Stirred 2 GRP 1994
Benton, Barbi Ain't that just the way   Playboy Records 1976
Berger, Michael Beausejour 3   1980
Berger, Michael Beaurivage   Warner 1981
Berger, Michael La fille au sax   Warner 2002
Best, The The Best live DVD   1990 (2008)
Bestor, Kurt, / Sam Kardon, Innovators II –Keepers of the Flame 1 Treble V Music 2002
Big Country Buffalo Skinners   Chrysalis 1993
Big Jim Sullivan Band Test of Time   Ozone Music 1975
Blunstone, Colin Late Nights in Soho   Rocket(NL) 1979
Bogdan Who do you think you are b/w Take me Back 7" Single 2 Brilliant 1981
Borghi, Simone On line 1 SB-Productions 2008
Boyle, Gary the Dancer   Gull(GB) 1977
Boyle, Gary Electric Glide   Gull 1978
Brain, Rick All it Takes 2 Artistry Music 2009
Brecker, Randy and Torsten de Winkel Live 1987   CD/Video 1987
Browne, Duncan Wild Places   Sire 1978
Browne, Duncan Streets of Fire   Sire 1979
Bruce, Jack How's Tricks   RSE 1977
Bruce, Jack Spirit- Live at BBC 11 Polydor 1977 (2008)
Bruce, Jack Jet Set Jewel   Polydor 1978 (2003)
Bruce, Jack Cities of the Heart   CMP 1994
Bruce, Jack Sitting On Top Of the World Live 1993 – Best of... Times Square 1997
Calderon, Juan Y Su Taller De Musica, Vol 2   CBS 1975
Camel the Single Factor   PassportPassport 19821982
Camel Echoes: the Retrospective Best of Album... Polygram 1993
Carlos Vol 2      
Castro, José de Music Guitar Box 3 Jopilines Records 2004
Chanter Sisters Shoulder to Shoulder   Safari(GB) 1978
Project CHILDE~ Scream Maxi Single 2 59´s Lab. Rec. 2008
Chiliwack Look In Look Out     1984
Chopyn Grand Slam   Jet(GB) 1975
Christie "Most Wanted Man in the USA" Original Single 1 Telefunken 1974
Christie Outer Limits 1 Angel Air 2008
Clark, Louis Per-Spek-Tiv   Jet 1979
Clarke, Stanley Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand   Epic 1980
Corrs Forgiven, Not Forgotten 1 Atlantic 1995
Coverdale, David Whitesnake   Purple Records 1976
Coverdale, David Northwinds     1978
Cretu and thiers       19881988
CROSSFIRE Alias Love" / "Magic" Single 2 Clem Clempson 1981
Daltrey, Roger Celebration: Music of the Who (Live)   Continuum 1994
Davis, Melvin Lee Tomorrows Yesterdays 3 MLD Music 2000
Davis, Melvin Lee Nature's Serenade 1 MLD Music 2003
DiMeola, Al Anthology 2 Sony 2000
Dowdle, Michael Soulmate 4 Treble V Music 2000
Doyle, Peter Skin Deep   RCA 1977
Dragsterbarbie Demos, Live and Other 4 Amy Hartman Music/Ed Stasium Production 1998
Earl, Jimmy Stratosphere   Pacific Time 1999
801 801 Live   Polydor 1976
Emerson, Keith Off The Shelf 1 Sanctuary rec. 2006
Eno, Brian Dali's Car   Griffin 1994
Esperanto Love's the Game (EP) 3 Anxious Records 1986
Evans, Gil with RMS Take Me To the Sun   Last Chance Music 1990
Far Corporation Division One   Atco 1985
Far corporation Solitude   BMG (Eur) 1994
Farlowe, Chris BBC in Concert 1976 8 Windsong 1995
Floy Joy Answer Through Me (EP) 2 Virgin 1983
Ford, Martyn Smoovin 10   1976
Foster, Mo Bel Assis   Relativity 1991
Fowler, Bernard Friends with Privileges 1 Village Rec 2006
Franklin, Rodney Skydance 3 CBS 1985
Gabriel, Peter Shaking the Tree - 16 Golden Greats   Virgin 1990
Gall, France Dancing Disco All WEA 1977
Gall, France Paris France – Il Jouait du Piano Debout All WEA Atlantic 1980
Gall, France Tout pour la musique All WEA 1980
Garfield, David & Friends Tribute To Jeff 2 Pony Canyon 1997
Garfield, David Giving Back 1 Creatchy 2003
Garfunkel, Art Fate For Breakfast   CBS 1979
Gillan, Ian Naked thunder   Teldec (Ger) 1990
Gillespie, Dana Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle   RCA 1974
Giltrap, Gordon Visionary   Electric(GB) 1976
Giltrap, Gordon Perilous Journey   Electric(GB) 1977
Giltrap, Gordon Fear of the Dark   Electric(GB) 1978
Glover, Roger Elements   Oyster 1978
Greenslade, Dave Cactus Chair   WB(GB) 1976
Guitar Legends Guitar Legends     1991
Hamill, Claire Touch Paper 1 Coda Records 1984
Hammond, Albert My Spanish Album   Epic 1976
Hantson, Renaud Seulement Humain All Trema 1997
HARKNESS KNIGHT "self titled" 1 Harkness Knight Rec. 2009
Head, Murray Say It Ain't So   A&M 1975
Heaven 17 Luxury Gap   Arista 1983
Heimlicher, Matthias Running back to You 1 C-Works 2003
Heimlicher, Matthias Inspiration Now Vol.4 - TWENTYFOURSEVEN 1 C-Works 2008
Hewson, Richard Orchestra Love Is All Splash Records 1976
Hot Gossip Geisha Boys and Temple Girls (EP) 1 Dindisc 1981
The Human League I don't depend on you   Virgin 979
Iijima, Mari Right Now 5 Mari Iijima 2001
Inoue, Akira System Overload 4 AMJ 1987
In Time Love for the Lonely (EP) 2 MSA Records 1987
Jagger, Mick Primitive Cool   Columbia 1987
Jagger, Mick From far east to down under   Swingin' Pig 1988
Jasper Fish and the Alice Band Around the Room in 80 Days 1 JASPER 1998
Jasper Fish and the Alice Band Night Of The Long Knives 1 JASPER 1999
Jenson, Engelbert Same     1976
Jefferis, Mark Talk To Me     1995
Jenesaisquoi Volume 1     1994
Jobson, Eddie Yesterday Boulevard" b/w "On a Still Night", 2 Island 1976
Judas Priest Sin After Sin   CBS 1977
Judas Priest Metal Works '73-'93 Best of Columbia 1993
Kat-Tun Queen of Pirates 1 J-Storm 2007
Kershaw, Nik Radio Musicola   MCA 1986
Kershaw, Nik You´ve got to laugh 3 Short House 2006
Klimas, Larry Retro-Spec(t) 1 Creatchy Records 1999
Köster, Gerd Alles im Griff!   BMG/Chlodwig 1994
Krebs, Poul Fri som et Forår 2 Sonet 1989
Lara, Catherine Sand et les Romantiques 9 Trema 1991
LAUZZANA Between You and Me All EMI 1992
Lee, Adrian The Magician 3 DJM Records 1982
Linx The Last Linx (EP) 3 Chrysalis 1982
Lone, John Coming to my own 2 Warner (Japan) 1990
Lord, Jon Before I Forget   Harvest 19821982
Los Lobotomys Candyman 12 Viceroy 1994
Los Lobotomys In Concert 1994 DVD All   2002
Los Lobotomys The Official Bootleg 8 Chreatchy rec. 2004
Lukather, Steve Candyman 12 Columbia 1994
Lukather, Steve SantaMental 1 Ulftone (GER) 2003
Mackay, Duncan Visa   Edge(GB) 1980
Madness Madness     1988
Maeda, Nobuteru Hard Pressed 4 Sony 1999
Manzanera, Phil 801 Live     1976
Manzanera, Phil Listen Now   Polydor(GB) 1977
Manzanera, Phil K Scope   Polydor 1978
Manzanera, Phil Guitarissimo (1975-1982) Best of...   1987
Manzanera, Phil Manzanera Collection 4 Virgin 1995
Manzanera, Phil Rare One "Brokenhearted" PhD Track – 1986 Expression 2000
Manzanera, Phil / 801 LIVE Re-release+ Bonus rehearsals CD Expression 2008
Marsden, Bernie And About Time Too   Parlophone(GB) 1979
Marsden, Bernie Look At Me Now   Parlophone(GB) 1980
Marsden, Bernie the Friday Rock Show Sessions     1981
Martín, Juan Picasso Portraits 4 Polydor 1981
Marx, Richard Flesh and Bone 1 Capitol 1997
McCaffrey, Denny Come on in All   1976 (2006)
Men, The I don't Depend on You (EP) 2 Virgin 1979
Metro Metro   Transatlantic(GB) 1977
Miro Miroe Nights of Arabia (EP) 1st Single 3 CBS 1982
Miro Miroe Islands 2nd Single 2 CBS 1982
Missing Presumed Dead How's your bum for cracking wallnuts 2 Tracks recorded by SP Sequel Rec. 1980
Moore, Gary Back On the Streets   CBS 1978
Moore, Gary After the War   Virgin 1989
Mr. Big Photographic Smile   Arista 1979
MSM Schmidt Destination 6 Laika Rec. 2009
Munich In Other Side of Midnight Producer INTERCORD 1986
Nannini, Gianna X Forza E X Amore     1993
Nannini, Gianna Pia Come la Canto io 1 Musiza Editioni 2007
Nazareth Hair of the Dog   A&M 1975
Neigel, Jule Herzlich Willkommen 3 BMG 1994
Neverne Bebe Iza Oblaka 3 PGP Rec. 2007
Nicholls, Billy Under One Banner     1990
Oda, Tetsuro "T" 3 BMG (Japan) 1993
Okumoto, Ryo Coming Through 3 Inside Out 2002
Oldfield, Mike Oldfield, Mike   Virgin 1983
Oldfield, Mike Moonlight Shadow Maxi single Virgin 1983
Oldfield, Mike Crises   Virgin(GB) 1983
Oldfield, Mike Complete Mike Oldfield Best of...   1985
Oldfield, Mike Islands   Griffin 1987
Oldfield, Mike Heaven's Open   Virgin 1991
Oldfield, Mike Best of Mike Oldfield Best off... Virgin America 1994
Olympic Runners Puttin' It On You   Polydor 1978
Our Daughter's Wedding Digital Cowboy   EMI America 1981
Palmer, Robert Sneaking Sally through the Alley   Island 1974
Pappalardo, Adriano Immersione 3 Numero Uno 1982
Parr, John John Parr 1 Atlantic 1984
Pata 1st Solo Album 3 BMG (Japan) 1993
Ph.D. Ph.D. 7 Atlantic 1981
Ph.D. Is It Safe?   Atlantic 1983
PhD Three 3 Voiceprint 2008
PSP Live all Care 2009
Phillips, Sid (and his Band) Fascinating Rhythm   Contour 1971
Phillips, Sid Two Generations   Contour 1972
Sid Phillips & His Band Centenary Collection Linernotes by Simon Phillips EMI 2007
Phillips, Simon Protocol 6 Food For thought 1988
Phillips, Simon Force Majeure 10 B+W 1992
Phillips, Simon Symbiosis 9 Lipstick 1995
Phillips, Simon Another Lifetime 9 Phantom Rec 1997/2009
Phillips, Simon Out Of the Blue 10 Lipstick 1999
Phillips, Simon & Babko, Jeff Vantage Point 7 Phantom Rec. 2007
Phillips, Simon Complete DVD Alfred (1992) 2007
Simon Phillips and Ray Russell (Library Music) Phusion All FirstCom 1998
Simon Phillips and Ray Russell (Library Music) Stadium Rock All FirstCom 2001
Planet X Moon Babies Producer Inside Out 2002
Planet X Live from OZ Engeneer Inside Out 2002
Pretenders Get Close   Sire 1986
Protheroe, Brian I You   Chrysalis 1976
Pryor, Jeff Band Loverland All Teze Records 2003
Rabin, Trevor Wolf   Chrysalis(GB) 1981
Billie Rainbird Catch The Sky   Billie Rainbird 2009
Rainbow, Chris Looking Over My Shoulder   Polydor(GB) 1978
Rainbow, Chris White Trails   EMI(GB) 1979
Rãjésh Infinite Fusion 5 OM Records 1982
Jeff Richman & Friends Live at the Baked Potato, Volume One 1 Tone Center 2000
Jeff Richman & Friends Live at the Baked Potato, Volume Two 1 Tone Center 2001
Jeff Richman Aqua 5 Richman Rec. 2008
Richter, Peter 45 Minuten 11 Sony 1987
Richter, Peter Bist du auch noch wach   Sony 1990
RMS Live At The Venue All ANGEL AIR 1982 (2004)
RMS Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1983 DVD ANGEL AIR 1983 (2003)
RMS Centennial Park   MMC 1991
Robertson, Alexander Shadow Of A Thin Man   Arista 1977
Rocket Scientists Revolution Road 1 Think Tank 2006
Roman Blue Moonbeam 2 WEA 1991
Rossen, Stig Letters of Love 3 Polygram 1997
Roxy Music Flesh and Blood   Polydor 1980
Roy, Jasmine / Philippe Saisse Rendezvous in Paris Inclues extra DVD Sony Japan 2009
Russell, Ray Ready OR Not   DJM 1977
Russell, Ray A Table Near the Band 7 Last Chance Music 1990
Russell, Ray Goodbye Svengali 1 Cuneiform Rec. 2006
Rutherford, Mike Small Creeps Day   Passport 1980
Saisse, Philippe At World´s Edge 3 KOCH Rec. 2009
Saki, Nobuhide Yume o Yobe 4 Eastworld 1986
Sanders, Ric Whenever 2 Waterfront 1984
Sanson, Veronique Live at the Olympia     19761976
Sarney, Joy Naughty, Naughty, Naugty (Single) 1 Alaska 1977
Satriani, Joe Flying In a Blue Dream   Relativity 1989
Satriani, Joe I Believe Single   1989
Satriani, Joe the Extremist   Relativity 1992
Satriani, Joe Time Machine   Relativity 1993
Satriani, Joe the Beautiful Guitar Single Relativity 1995
Satriani, Joe Super Colossal 4 Sony/Epic 2006
Schenker, Michael Michael Schenker Group   Chrysalis(GB) 1980
Schenker, Michael Essential Michael Schenker The Best of... Chrysalis 1992
Schenker, Michael In the Midst of Beauty 12 INAK 2008
Schimmermann, Rolf Jenesaisquoi, Vol. 1     1995
Shankar Touch Me there     1979
Sherinian, Derek Inertia 9 InsideOutMusic 2001
Sherinian, Derek Black Utopia All Inside Out 2003
Sherinian, Derek Mythology 6 Inside Out 2004
Sherinian, Derek Blood of the Snake   Inside Out 2006
Snell, Adrian the Passion   Kingsway(GB) 1980
Snell, Adrian The Virgin 13 Pilgrim Records 1981
Soundtrack (film) Odessa File   MCA 1974
Soundtrack (film) the Bible   Polydor 1977
Soundtrack (film) Killing Fields   Virgin 1984
Soundtrack (film) Boys On the Side   Arista 1995
Soundtrack (film) Lion King - Rhythm Of the Pride Lands 5 Disney 1995
Soundtrack (Film) The Preacher´s Wife No "SP" Note on booklet Arista 1996
Soundtrack (film) Pirates of the Caribbean
by Hans Zimmer
All Disney 2008
Soussan, Phil Vibrate 4 Puss in Blue Rec. 2005/2006
Spencer, Jeremy Flee   Atlantic 1979
Starr, Edwin Edwin Starr   20th Century 1977
Stephen, Steve same 1 Steve Stephen Music 2004
Stewart, Eric Girls 1 Polydor 1980
Stuðmenn Tívolí 5 Steinar (Island) 1976
Sykes, John 20th Century 6 Mercury (Japan) 1997
Tears for Fears Seeds of Love   Polygram 1989
10cc 10 Out of 10   Warner 1982
10cc Windows in the Jungle   Mercury 1983
Timmons, Andy the Spoken And the Unspoken 2 Ulftone Music 1999
Timmons,Andy The Official Live Bootleg Vol 1
DVD 1   2003
TM Network Major Turn-Round   Sony 2000
Tokio Tok10 1 Universal (Japan) 2004
Toshi Made in Heaven 7 BMG Victor 1992
Toto Absolutely Live 13 Columbia 1993
Toto Tambu 12 Columbia 1995
Toto XX 2 Columbia 1998
Toto Mindfields 14 Sony 1999
Toto Livefields 19 Sony 1999
Toto through the looking Glass 11 EMI 2002
Toto Falling in Between all Frontiers 2006
Toto Falling in Between Live CD/DVD all Eagle Vision 2008
Townshend, Pete Empty Glass   Atco 1980
Townshend, Pete Chinese Eyes   Atco 1982
Townshend, Pete White City, The Film   Atco 1985
Townshend, Pete Iron Man   Virgin 1989
Townshend, Pete Deep End Live      
Townshend, Pete Psychoderelict live DVD All Polygram Video 1993
Toyah Four More From Toyah (EP)   Safari 1981
Toyah Mayhem (studio outtakes) 3 Cherry Red Rec. 1981/82 (2005)
Toyah Toyah Toyah Toyah (Apollo gig outt.) 4 Safari 1982 (2006)
Toyah Good Morning Universe- Live VIDEO   1982
Toyah Changeling     1982
Thrashing Doves Thrashing Doves     1986
Troll Turned to Stone All INTERSOUND 1978
Tyler, Bonnie World Starts Tonight   Chrysalis 1977
Tzuke, Judie Welcome To the Cruise   Rocket(GB) 1979
Tzuke, Judie Stay With Me Till Dawn US release, same as UK "Welcome To the Cruise" Rocket 1981
Ure, Midge Pure   Arista 1991
Ure, Midge If I was: the Very Best Of Midge Ure     1993
Various Artist "Sounds of the Times" Music by Alan Hawkshaw 7 KPM Records 1975
Various Artists Evita [London cast recording]recording     1978
Various Artists the Secret Policeman's Concert   Island 1982
Various Artists Secret Policeman's Other Ball: the Music   Rhino 1982
Various Artists A.R.M.S- Benefit concert   Channel 5 Video 1983
Various Artists Colombian Volcano Concert 7 EEL PIE Video 1987
Various Artists Super Drumming, Pete York Presents DVD SWR 1987 [2008]
Various Artists Rock Against Repatriation (Single) 1 IRS Records 1990
Various Artists Jimi Hendrix Tribute CD / Video   1991
Various Artists Burning for Buddy   Atlantic 1994
Various Artists The Making of Burning for Buddy, Part 2 (Video) Atlantic 1994
Various Artists Guitar's Practicing Musicians Vol.III   Guitar Recordings 1994
Various Artists Zildjian Day London 1993   Zildjian Video 1994
Various Artists Night of the Proms '94 2 EVA
Various Artists Back to the Basics- Starclassics   Tama Video 1995
Various Artists Songs of West Side Story 2 BMG 1996
Various Artists Tribute: Songs Of Andrae Crouch     1996
Various Artists Burning for Buddy Vol. 2   Atlantic 1997
Various Artists The Making of Burning for Buddy, Part 4 (Video) Atlantic 1997
Various Artists 90th Hoshino-Ibanez Anniversary 1997 Video/DVD   1997
Various Artists Balko - die Musik zur Serie 1 Edel - ultrapop 1997
Various Artists Guitar Zone   Times Square 1998
Various Artists Merry Axemas Vol. 2
More guitar for Christmas
1   1998
Various Artists Humanary Stew
(Tribute to Alice Cooper)
1 Triage 1999
Various Artists Encores, Legends & Paradox
(A Tribute to Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
5 Magna Carta 1999
Various Artists Surrounded by Drums DVD SPL/BitBeats 2001
Various Artists Night of the Proms 2003 3 BMG 2003
Various Artists Voodoo Crossing, a tribute to Jimi Hendrx, vol 1 1 HORIZONS (Italy) 2003
Various Artists Modern Drummer Magazine Presents: Drum Nation Volume 1 1 Magna Carta 2004
Various Artists Sugi Guitars @ L.A 3 Sugi Guitars Sampler 2005
Various Artists Dragonball Z 1+ 2 (Computer game) Game Soundtrack Playstation (Japan) 2005
Various Artists Dragonball Z 3
(Computer game)
Game Soundtrack Playstation
Various Artists Gypsy Blood, a tribute to Jimi Hendrx, vol 2 1 HORIZONS (Italy) 2005
Various Artists Dragonball Z – Burst Limit
(Computer game)
Game Soundtrack Lantis Rec. (Japan) 2008
Various Artists We Wish You A Metal Xmas 1 Eagle Records 2008
Various Artist Freeway Jam – To Beck and Back – A Tribute 5 Mascot Rec. 2008
Various Artists (OST) Metamorphoses With Project CHILDE~ 1 Lantis Rec (Japan) 2008
Walker Brothers Lines   GTO 1976
Wall Street Crash Wall Street Crash 7 Magnet 1982
Webber, Aj Aj Webber   ANCHOR Records 1975
Wells, Juan Seranade (EP) 4 Fifth World 1991
Wetton, John Voice Mail (USA) Same as the UK release
"Battle Lines"
Canyon [Japan] 1994
Wetton, John Battle Lines   Cromwell 1995
Wetton, John Arkangel 1 (Jap. bonus track) 1997
Whalum, Kirk Roundtrip 1 Rendezvous Rec. 2007
White, Peter Good Day 3 Peak Rec. 2009
Whitesnake Whitesnake Same as David Coverdale´s Whitesnake Purple(GB) 1977
Who, the Join Together   Virgin 1990
Who, The Live - Feathuring the Rock Opera Tommy /DVD) DVD Rhino 1990 (2005)
Wilcox, Toyah Warrior Rock - Live   Safari Records 1982
Williams, Nigel Reggae, Soul & Jazz 1 Musiza Ed. 2006
Williams, Maynard Ten Songs   MCA 1975
Winds of Change Illusions   EMI(GB) 1979
Winner, Dana Unforgettable All EMI 2001
Winner, Dana Unforgettable Too All DW Records 2003
Workman, Lyle Harmonic Crusader 1 Infrared 2009
Wounded John Scott Cree Wivabandon-Oneezone 1 PYE Records 1975/1979
Yellow Dog Beware of the Dog   Virgin(GB) 1978
Yoshida Brothers Renaissance 2 Sony 2004
Zappa, Frank Leatherette Van Morrison vocal-version 1 Zappa 1979
Zentner, Michael Playtime 2 Warped Records 1995